This year Kokum was invited to participate in Sydney’s Australian Fashion Week, as a member of the Joico hair team. This was a huge honour to be head to head with some of the top stylist in the industry. We were selected to be on the hair team for vintage inspired designer Mrs Press and the elegant Bianca Spender.

The inspiration for the Mrs Press show was a 1920’s 30’s feel with a modern twist. We created this with a messy yet structured chignon, which gave the final look a structured vintage feel while maintaining an effortless beauty. The hair complimented the loose, but structure gowns beautifully and gave sophistication to the whole show.

Bianca Spender on the other hand was based on a more sculptural form that resembles the carved out channels of hair that is often seen on the heads of ancient Greek sculptures. We achieve this result by using Joico Joi gel to slick back the hair away from the face and carved out channels that slowly defuse into a straight loose wet look at the back. The overall result was a strong look that was in contrast the beautiful flowing designs that hit the catwalk.

It was an exciting couple of days, but with another fashion week under our belts we have returned to the salon inspired and with a few more tricks that we can pass on to our clients, so that everyone that passes through the salon can experience the glam of the catwalk for themselves.

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