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Style and substance?
It’s the only way we know.

JOICO Style & Finish formulas feature the latest and greatest breakthroughs in hair care and styling technology to meet every styling challenge head on, while actually improving and maintaining the condition of your hair.
The Power Series consists of;
-Power gel Sculpting gel
-Power whip Whipped foam
-Power Spray Fast-dry finishing spray
-Joilotion Sculpting Lotion
-Joimedium Styling gel
-Joigel firm Styling gel
-Joiwhip firm hold design foam
-Joishape Shaping and finishing spray
-Joimist medium styling and finishing spray
-Joimist firm finishing spray
-Design works shaping spray
-Texture boost dry spray wax
-Humidity blocker finshing spray
-Joifix medium styling and finishing spray
-Joifix Firm finishing spray
-Super shine glossing polish
-Instant refresh dry shampoo
-Style reform matte clay
-Flex control pliable paste
-Matte grip texture creme
-Creme wax texture and shine
Our Staff at Kokum Hair are loving this new range of styling products!
Come in today to let us try these great new products on you!

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