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There are days when you and your hair just don’t get along. A lot of girls with curly hair encounter this.

While others envy your luscious locks, it was a struggle to get it to look the way you want it to.

Curly hair is drier than any other hair type. It also has the most diverse hair texture because it can appear in so many different forms, from wavy, medium to tight coils.

That’s why there are two non-negotiable, absolutely, positively must-haves when it comes to curly hair.

One is an experienced stylist with advanced training. Curly hair is a very tricky hair type to work with, especially with all its twists, turns and curves. This is why we took advanced classes on how to properly cut and care for it.

The other necessity is the right products for your specific hair texture. We do not recommend over-the-counter products because they are made with large molecules.

That means they sit on your hair cuticle; they don’t penetrate it. Needless to say, their effectiveness is mediocre.

Use your stylist as a resource and an ally because she is! She can show you how to give your curls the delicate attention they need for beautiful, bouncy, lovable hair.

Making Your Curly Hair Obey – Call Us On 02 4961 2822

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