Do You Have Dry Hair? By Hair Salon Hamilton Call Us On 02 4961 2822

Having to deal with dry hair is a big pain. There’s frizz, has little body or bounce, and it won’t hold curls.

There are many factors that cause dry locks. Your hair type, styling habits, or how often you condition your hair are just a few of these. This type of hair is literally screaming for extra tender loving care.

You can start by giving your hair some “rest” days from so much styling. Put it up in a messy updo or use a fun barrette for some sass.

Deep conditioning every week is a must. For an extra boost, talk to us about professional hydrating treatments. These will significantly enhance the results of your regular hair care.

Also, make sure your shampoo is a hydrating one. This is essential! And consider adding a quality hair oil or other smoothing product to renew body, bounce and shine.

Do You Have Dry Hair? – Call Us On 02 4961 2822

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