What Olaplex Can Do For Curly Hair

What Olaplex Can Do For Curly Hair

Curly girls have the most envied hair and the most difficult! It’s drier than any other hair type and it has different kinds of textures: Wavy, medium, or tight coils. You might be the envy of your friends, but the fact is, many curly girls spend a lot of time trying to tame those curls.

Results are generally mixed to poor. And if a curly girl wants to color, bleach, or relax her hair? Often dry and fragile, the very nature of this hair type can scare you away from daring color selections and heat styling.

Fortunately, we’re delighted to tell you that your curly hair woes are over. With Olaplex, you can take your curly hair to levels you never thought possible without damage or breakage. Here’s how it works.

Hair is made up of strong bonds. Coloring, bleaching, relaxing, and any other chemical hair service breaks these bonds. That’s how we give you the result you’re looking for. But this can also cause hair to become dry and damaged.

With curly hair, the probability for damage is even higher. Olaplex’s job is to seek out those broken bonds and repair them. In the history of hair care, this is a feat that has never before been accomplished!

The result for curly girls is this:

  • Your natural wave pattern returns
  • Hair is healthy, soft, shiny and manageable
  • Your hair is in better shape than ever before

With 8 worldwide patents soon to be published, Olaplex preserves the integrity and multiplies the bonds in your hair.

Just as important, Olaplex is never tested on animals and it doesn’t have nasty chemicals like DEA, phthalates, aldehydes, sulfates, or silicone. The longer you use Olaplex the better your hair becomes—with no product buildup.

We apply this breakthrough product before and after your service. We also highly recommend you take home the Olaplex Hair Perfector so that you can give yourself a weekly treatment. This ensures beautiful, manageable and soft hair!

Do you want to color your hair? Bleach it? Or simply enhance the beauty of your natural curls? Whatever you choose, Olaplex will allow you to have the kind of hair you’ve always dreamed of without damage or breakage!

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