Thinking about it? Wondering if blonde would look good on you? Here are a few celebrities that have either gone full on blonde (or beyond!) and some that play with it.

No matter how you color your blonde, there’s a shade that’s perfect for you.

Nicole Ritchie kept some of her darker strands to create a caramel blonde.

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that doesn’t want to go full on blonde. Her chestnut mane is accented with gold highlights.

Gwyneth Paltrow chose a reverse ombre. Instead of dark to light, she went light to dark.

This one’s tough and takes LOTS of commitment! Gwen Stefani ‘s platinum blonde look is hard to pull off. It also takes more than monthly touch ups to look chic.

What’s your blonde story? Every woman has one. We’d love to give it to you!

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