How To Skip A Shampoo And Still Look Beautiful

How To Skip A Shampoo
And Still Look Beautiful

Oh boy. It’s one of those days. Your alarm went off but forgot to wake you. (Hate that, don’t you?)

You’ve got no time to put a happy face on your locks and about 10 minutes to get out the door.

Here’s what you do:

If your hair is oily, or you want to give it a boost of volume at the roots, use a lifting or texturizing spray gel. Also add a dry shampoo.

Turn your head upside down and blow dry. Finish with a light hold hair spray before flipping your head right side up.

For curly girls, revive those ringlets by spritzing them with a reactivating spray. It controls frizz and helps curls spring back into shape.

To fight frizz with dry hair, use a creamy textured finishing product.

Coarse, dry hair can look dull after a day or two without a conditioner. Restore shine and manageability by working in a hair oil. If you’re going to use a flat iron, be sure to use a conditioning spray.

And remember, you can always do a messy half-up do if you have shorter hair, a cute braid, or just add an accessory to your hair.

For longer hair, wrap your hair in a quick bun and go!


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