5 Ways To Tame Resistant Grey Hair For A Beautiful, Younger Look

5 Ways To Tame Resistant Grey Hair
For A Beautiful, Younger Look

Resistant grey hair is challenging! But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. You have so many choices.

You don’t have to allow your grey hair to age you prematurely!

Because each person is different, your stylist will examine your hair texture and decide the appropriate treatment for your resistant grey. And then the fun begins!

We have a wide range of creative approaches to make resistant grey hair beautiful. Here are just a few:

• If you have less than 25% grey and don’t want any major changes, we can use a semi-permanent color similar to your natural shade to blend in the greys. This allows 6-9 weeks between touch ups.

• Color weaves in medium to heavy highlights are a subtle way to blend grey. Allow 2-3 months between touch ups.

• Adding medium to heavy silver streaks with a technique called pearlizing can enhance salt and pepper grey. This strategically places silvery-white streaks in areas that best compliment your hair and face. You are still grey, but prettier and brighter. This works best for those with silky hair. Allow 2-3 months for touch ups.

• Lowlighting adds dark streaks to particular areas in the shade of your natural color. We leave a few subtle white strands to make the color more believable and long lasting. You can go 2-3 months before retouching.

• Single process blonde is the easiest method for covering grey. We apply a light shade of blonde all over and process it. Add in highlights for hair, and you’ve got color that is beautifully shaded and very natural looking. Re-touch every 4-6 weeks.

These are only five options from our very long list of techniques we can use to refresh your look. Not only that, but salon treatments greatly benefit your hair!

They add needed moisture, body and bounce. There’s really no need to let mousy salt and pepper grey hair age you10-15 years!

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