What Eva Longoria Won’t Tell You About Box Colour

What Eva Longoria Won’t Tell You About Box Colour

Doesn’t she look beautiful advertising L’Oreal’s Excellence To Go box colour? Reportedly, Eva signed a deal for $1.5 million to hawk the brand.

And she’s in good company. Both Gwen Stefani and Beyonce have both signed on with L’Oreal to promote the line. But the big question is this:

Do you really believe it?

Do you really think these women get gorgeous, shiny, multi-dimensional hair colour from an $8 box?

Please remember that before you’re tempted to pay $8 to the L’Oreal Empire. These smart celebrity women made a business deal. That’s all. Sadly, they sold out the rest of us.

Box colour strips the life out of your hair and leaves it looking like straw. It’s a killer in a colourful box!

With salon colour, you’re investing in custom colour and expertise. In cosmetology school we spent 1,000 study hours learning about hair and colour. Then, we had to pass the state exam to get licensed so we can formulate that colour for your hair.

L’Oreal and other companies simply put together a general run of the mill colour to meet garden variety hair types. There is no consideration for:

  • The natural colour of a person’s hair and the underlying pigment
  • Skin tone
  • Level of porosity
  • The use of previous artificial pigments
  • Percentage of grey, if any, and how resistant to colouring it may be

What’s worse is this. Box colour formulations change and the company doesn’t tell you. That means you buy the same colour but get tragically different results. That’s when we hear,

“I don’t know what happened. It’s the same box colour I’ve always used.”

With salon colour, we evaluate the condition of your hair each time you come in. That’s why your formulation may change from time to time.

Or, why we recommend a glossing or deep conditioning treatment. We’re all about healthy, beautiful hair.

Does L’Oreal have that same commitment? Be smart. Just say no to box colour!

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