Prematurely Grey? Colour Resistant Grey? Here’s What To Do!

Prematurely Grey? Colour Resistant Grey? Here’s What To Do!

Even, if you don’t want to go hog wild colouring your hair for a few pesky areas of grey, you can still cover those areas without changing up your whole look. Instead, you refresh it!

The same is true if you have resistant grey hair. This hair texture does not take colour very well because grey hair has a tighter cuticle layer than pigmented hair.

With professional colour, we simply use colour especially formulated for resistant grey. You get the same beautiful results!

So what are your options if you’re just beginning to grey?

If you don’t want to make any big changes, go for a semi-permanent colour that is similar to your natural shade. This will blend in the greys. Generally, touch ups are every 6-9 weeks.

Or, you can just add highlights to cover grey. This technique lightens some grey, but not all of it. What you get is a blending effect that brightens your face.

With lowlights, we do the same procedure as highlights, but with a twist. Here we choose colour that’s similar to your own or even darker. Your natural hair colour becomes the highlight!

These are just some of the techniques we can use to refresh your look and dial back the clock by 5-10 years.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve with your grey hair. We can custom design coverage to work with your lifestyle and your budget!

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