Looking to change up your curly hair? Go for waves! To show off soft, beautiful waves, follow these easy steps.

1. Condition, condition, condition! That’s the first rule of beautiful curly hair. Curly hair is so porous it can’t hold moisture. Deep condition regularly and use a quality hair oil for added moisture, shine and manageability.

2. Apply product properly. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. Apply product to towel dried—but not sopping wet—hair. Comb through your hair for even distribution.

3. Use a styling product to control hair without weighing it down. This will give it just enough hold without that crunchiness.

4. Use a big barrel curling iron to create loose waves. Once you get the desired waves you want, let them cool, then finger through them and set with hairspray.

My, what beautiful waves you have!

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