Top 10 Hair Care Tips For Men

Top 10 Hair Care Tips For Men

Healthy hair starts with a great haircut, but that’s just the beginning. But in order to preserve strength, elasticity, and shine, you need to maintain your hair’s health.

Here are the top 10 hair care tips you can do to give you healthy and beautiful hair.

– Dry hair with your hands before using a towel. Shake out the excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows. Rubbing wet hair with a towel causes the strands to become tangled in the threads and stretched. This damages the cuticle and creates frizz and split ends.

– Shower with warm water, not piping hot. Very hot water wreaks havoc on your hair and scalp, stripping too much of the essential oils and leads to dryness.

– Avoid chemical treatments. Coloring or perming hair repeatedly can leave it damaged, dry, and dull. But should you get your hair chemically treated, seek a good professional stylist. They know how to properly prepare and choose the best products for your hair type.

– Use a good shampoo and conditioner. The right products will help cleanse your hair, add moisture and elasticity, and smooth the cuticle to add shine.

– Use the right tools. A wide-toothed comb on wet hair will gently work out any tangles. Avoid heated tools such as blow dryers or irons which can dry and damage hair.

– Stay healthy. Living well and staying healthy can increase the rate of hair growth. A good diet, exercise, plenty of water, enough sleep, and less stress will result in a healthier scalp and great looking hair.

– Avoid Tight Hats. A tight hat (or ponytail) can cause “traction alopecia,” a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. If worn long enough, the damage can become permanent.

– Trim your hair regularly. The only real way to remove damaged hair is to cut off the damaged section. This will help eliminate split ends.

– Reduce Frizz. Low moisture and protein in the hair can cause frizz. A good moisturizing conditioner or a slick, smoothing serum can be applied/

– Maintain a Healthy Scalp. For sleek, strong and shiny hair, make sure you take good care of your scalp as well.

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