The Schwarzkopf fibre force range offers hair regeneration for over-processed hair. Using  combination of 2 complexes that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft to reconstruct and seal each hair strand. This will make the hair 10x more resistance to breakage.

BC Fibre Force Fortifying Shampoo

Benefit: This is a gentle sulfate-free shampoo for extremely compromised hair. This shampoo will help to recreate and strengthen the bonds inside the hair and seal the outside layer.

BC Fibre Force Fortifying Mask

Benefit: This is an heavy intensive mask that helps to repair extremely damaged and weak hair. It penetrates inside the hair shaft and creates bonds to help strengthen the hairs fibres, seals the out side layer and add shine to the hair.

BC Fibre Force Scalp & Hair Smart Reset Serum

Benefit: This serum is for the scalp. It is a keratin-concentrate serum that helps not only protect the scalp but to strengthen inner bonds within the hair. It also allows the hair to feel strong, silky and have great shine.

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