How To Recover From A Bad Haircut

How To Recover From A Bad Haircut

You go into the salon, sit on the stylist’s chair, excited for that haircut you’ve seen in a magazine.

But then you see the end result, and it’s nothing like what you wanted. What do you do?

It is very infuriating to see your beloved locks chopped away to a disaster. Your initial reaction would be to go into hiding until your hair grows back.

Fortunately, there are some solutions on how to fix a bad haircut.

1. Give your feedback. Tell your barber if you are not happy with your haircut. A well-trained professional will make the necessary adjustments. He will want to make sure his client is completely satisfied, which means you could also get a reduced fee or a full refund for the poor service.

2. In case you left without saying a word, call the salon and explain what it is you didn’t like and see if it can be rectified. Then go see your barber ASAP to find a solution. But before you go to your appointment, make sure you do your homework and gather images of hairstyles that you feel will work best for your hair. Not only will you leave the salon happier this time, but you’ll avoid another communication mishap.

3. Time does heal all wounds. Give it a day or two to see if the new cut grows on you and then go back to the salon for an adjustment, if needed.

4. Find a new barber but ask close family and friends for recommendations. Don’t just walk into a salon without a referral. They might do more harm to an already disastrous cut.

5. Get a consultation with your new stylist before having anything done. Inform them why you’re unhappy with your current cut. The barber will then determine what your hair needs to look its best. The new treatment will then be planned out in advance so you know what you’re getting. If you explain to the stylist that you just got butchered by someone else, they will often sympathize and give you a discounted price for fixing it and becoming a new client.

6. Learn From the Pros: You may hate your new cut because chances are you’re not styling it properly. Ask your barber for at-home tips on how to achieve a salon-worthy look on your own.

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