Do You Make These Mistakes When Styling Your Curly Hair?

So you’ve spent quite a bit of time shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning your curly hair. Now that you’re ready to style it, suddenly it’s a horrible mess!

What just happened?

Let’s back up and take a look at some very common mistakes curly tresses make when styling their hair. We’re betting you’ll find an AHA of your own.

– Don’t flip your head over when washing or styling your hair. This will just cause massive tangles. Can you say, rat’s nest?

– Use products as instructed . Curly hair needs more product because of its drier texture. It the directions say to apply liberally, then do so!

– Define curls with detangling tools like a wide-tooth comb.

– Don’t use too many products . A ton of product just starves hair of natural moisture and creates excessive build up.

– Do incorporate a styling product. You do need a styling product to minimize fuzz and maximize hold. Just don’t go overboard with multiple products.

There’s no need to spend a lot of time on your hair without getting the results you want. These simple, tried and true techniques work.

Try them and then let us hear from youJ

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