How To Tame A Curly Mane

How To Tame A Curly Mane  By Hair Salon Hamilton - Call Us On 02 4961 2822

How To Tame A Curly Mane

If you don’t have them, you want them. If you do, you don’t. Ah, such is life!

But curls are all the rage and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you have curly hair, now’s the time to show off those locks!

Deep conditioning curly tresses every two weeks keeps them strong and shiny. To keep the bounce, don’t brush it! Brushing tends to make curls fan out causing them to look fluffy.

Comb your hair in the shower after you’ve applied conditioner. This will give those curls the moisture they need without making them go limp.

Curly hair is so versatile! Style it straight, curly or a mix of all three. But if you do decide to wear it straight, we recommend NOT using a flat iron.

This will just create more dryness and damage. Instead, opt for a smoothing product, a blow dryer and a large natural brush for beautiful results.

If you’re going au naturale and can’t let your hair dry naturally, opt for a diffuser on the roots. Always add a confident strut, girlfriend!

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